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Nana Jacobi

Nana Jacobi is an artist, songwriter and film composer.

In 2022 Jacobi was headhunted to create the musical profile on the tv-series ‘Elvira’ (Viaplay), because of her latest album ‘Magnet Sky’. She did the full score, new songs for the series, and also some supervising on the ‘source-music’. Afterwards she released the soundtrack album ‘Elvira Sange’, with 18 songs from the series.

Jacobi has delivered grande songs for films, including the songs ‘Hold Dit Hjerte Blødt’ (Elvira – Viaplay), ‘Maybe In Another Life (Lev Stærkt- Zentropa) and ‘This Is It’ (Over Gaden Under Vandet – Nimbus Film). Established directors, such as Susanne Bier and Ole Bornedal have used her songs for film.

Nana Jacobi composed score for all 8 episodes of ‘Elvira’, as well as 14 documentary films. For example Nobody Passes Perfectly (Bullitt Film), Turf War in No Man’s Land (Nordlys Film), Pachamama (Dansk AV Produktion) and more.