Danish composers network for women and other gender minorities in the film and media industry

Josefine Skov

As a film composer and sound designer graduated from the Danish National Academy of Music and Sonic College, Josefine Skov merges sounds and music in textural and atmospheric compositions that span widely in terms of genre and dynamics. From ambient soundscapes and dreamy choir to brutal synthesizers and pulsating beats, she drifts between the acoustic and the electronic sonic worlds with an experimental and playful approach.

She explores alternative recording and processing techniques and uses unusual and homemade instruments. She often uses vocal elements in her compositions, either in a classical sense or as manipulated layers.

“With its ethereal mysteriousness combined with noisy elements and heavy beats, Kollision could be the soundtrack to a David Lynch film” – Seismograf review.

Nana Jacobi

Nana Jacobi is an artist, songwriter and film composer.

In 2022 Jacobi was headhunted to create the musical profile on the tv-series ‘Elvira’ (Viaplay), because of her latest album ‘Magnet Sky’. She did the full score, new songs for the series, and also some supervising on the ‘source-music’. Afterwards she released the soundtrack album ‘Elvira Sange’, with 18 songs from the series.

Jacobi has delivered grande songs for films, including the songs ‘Hold Dit Hjerte Blødt’ (Elvira – Viaplay), ‘Maybe In Another Life (Lev Stærkt- Zentropa) and ‘This Is It’ (Over Gaden Under Vandet – Nimbus Film). Established directors, such as Susanne Bier and Ole Bornedal have used her songs for film.

Nana Jacobi composed score for all 8 episodes of ‘Elvira’, as well as 14 documentary films. For example Nobody Passes Perfectly (Bullitt Film), Turf War in No Man’s Land (Nordlys Film), Pachamama (Dansk AV Produktion) and more.

Astrid Fabrin

Astrid Fabrin creates music for film, games and other media + releases her own music via her solo project ‘A. Fabrin’.
She has a BA in Sound Design from Sonic College and a master in Filmscoring from Esbjerg Music Conservatory.

Astrid’s musical style is versatile from symphonic compositions to experimental electronic productions and folky songwriting.

She works from her home studio located in a small town with no street lights, in the Nordic nature of Mols Bjerge (DK).

Anna Rosenkilde

Anna Rosenkilde is a Danish film composer, songwriter, instrumentalist, singer and performer. She studied at The Danish National Academy of Music and finished her master degree in Film Composition in 2018 in collaboration with The National Film School.

The last few years she has scored several fiction, documentary and animation films including the critically acclaimed feature documentary Dreaming Murakami with a soundtrack released as well.

Her style of music is versatile, often atmospheric, simple layered, poetic and melodic, combining acoustic elements with electronics.

She has also released two solo albums and played many concerts. Her non film compositions include songs, music for choir, music for a dance performance and the music/sound art part of a collection of audiovisual artworks.

Christiane Bjørg Nielsen

is a freelance actress and composer for theatre, films and podcasts. Besides, she makes portrait- and educational movies from idea to result. She has released two albums in her own name and continues to tell stories through music and sound with her granny’s old upright piano often playing a leading role in her music.

Katrine Amsler

is a composer and audio designer currently working for the Danish game developer IO Interactive. Since 2016 and on-going she has contributed as a sound artist for composer Martin Stig Andersen on AAA games like Wolfenstein The New Colossus, Youngblood, Control and Back4Blood. Amsler’s sound design and music is diverse, touches a variety of genres and always wants to be listened to. 

Anna Lidell

Anna Lidell started with violin melodies at age four and expanded her musical range to various instruments. Now a renowned composer and producer with 20+ releases, her works span films, TV, games, and more. She has contributed scores to teen series like “Crush” and “Skam Italia” on Netflix.

Featured in the Danish documentary “An Eternity of You and Me,” Anna continually innovates in music and is part of the duo Teenage Love. She chairs Denmark’s Autor, advocating for songwriters, and vice-chairs KODA. Anna holds an MA from the University of Copenhagen and studies leadership at Copenhagen Business School.